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Starter Kits

In order to take the headache out of selecting balanced kit, we have put together two starter packages. These starters kit will get you going for a minimal outlay without raiding your piggy bank. If you get hooked on the sport then you can justify buying the Rolls Royce equipment. The reels will come already preloaded ready to fish. This is a service we provide for you to get off to a fast start.

Both packages are suited to beginners and will do a good job and last many years of faithful service. The deluxe starter kit, has a slightly better quality rod blank in that the Greys M2 will support slightly greater range of lines, the GTX reel feels more luxurious been made from Aluminium. Both rods are three piece and come with protective tube so that they can easily be placed in the boot of your car.

A Word on Rod length

For average height and build adults I would recommend a 9ft 6' #7wt rod

For youngsters and small framed adults I would recommend a 9ft rod #6 wt.

For very young children I would recommend an even a smaller rod 7ft 6' and lighter reel. Contact me directly and I can source equipment especially designed for children 10 years and older.

Fly Rod and Reel Options

Starter Kit
Airflo Mid Tip 9ft '6 #7 wt
Starter Kit airflo fly fishing rod
Scierra Avalanche Reel Large Arbour
Fly Fishing Reel Large Arbour suited for beginners
Airflo Forty Plus Floating Line
Airflo Fly Fishing Line
Backing Line
Braided Loop
Rod,Line and Reel Price
£ 147-00

Deluxe Starter Kit
Greys Greyflex M2 Tip 9ft '6 #7 wt
beginners lessons
Greys GTX Cartridge Spool Large Arbour
fishing course
Airflo Forty Plus Floating Line
angling lessons
Backing Line
Braided Loop
Rod,Line and Reel Price
£ 267-00

Rod and Reel combinations come preloaded and ready to go fishing. If you wish to order a starter kit please complete booking form stating your selected option. Please see terms and conditions on the booking form. All rods come with a manufacturers life time warranty, however note, that both Greys and Airflo charge a small administration fee of between £ 15 to £ 25 per repaired section.

Why not enrol for a fly fishing lesson and try before you buy.

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