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When fly fishing for trout the hooked fish are not "played" off the reel. The reel typically has no gearing. The fish is played by stripping line in by hand giving the angler fine control in keeping in contact with the hooked fish. The main function of the fly reel is to act as storage for the fly line. Though the selection of the reel is not as critical as a matched rod and line there are several important considerations.

Is the reel housing corrosion resistant, is the drag and spool mechanism enclosed? This critical if you intend to go saltwater fly fishing for bass or bone fish.

Is the reel robust enough to withstand the odd bounce on the ground ? There is a tendency for manufacturers to make lighter kit these days, in doing so they sacrifice strength for lightness. Try and avoid brittle plastics and thin reel housing.

Are the spare spools economical ? Typically a seasoned stillwater fly fisher will have at least three spare spools and perhaps more if they have different weight rods. It is a good idea to buy all your reels from one manufacturer then your equipment will be interchangeable and therefore convenient. Cartridge spools are cheap because they have no moving parts or intricate design.

Try and purchase a large "arbour" reel. The centre "pin" of the reel is of a larger diameter, resulting in larger line coils on the reel, easier retrieve, and less line memory. Most modern designs are of the large arbour type.

Does the centre of the spool have a rough surface or ridges ? If it does n't you might find that line and backing slip round the reel.

Always try the reel, if your left handed to see how easy it is to change the drag mechanism to your "handedness". See how cumbersome the spool change is.

Try the reel on the rod, does it fit your securely on your reel seats ? As you begin to cast, strip line off the spool to make sure it does n't go round the back of the reel housing this can be very annoying and is the result of a slack spool connection and or bad design. Some of the star shaped drag wheels can also snag line.




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