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Fly Fishing Lessons

1) Beginners Course

This introduction will suit both beginners, and those recently introduced to the sport. It will give you a solid foundation upon which to make progress and to apply the basic techniques.  The 1day version is a taster course which is at a fast pace. The 2 day course includes  two half day sessions of guided fishing and is at a more relaxed pace.


  •         Selecting and setting up a balanced outfit

  •         Fly rod, reel & line, knots, leaders

  •         Roll casting techniques

  •         Overhead casting techniques

  •         Dealing with  wind and adverse conditions

  •         Insect life and selecting the correct fly patterns

  •         Watercraft, finding fish in given location

  •         Striking, playing landing, dispatch trout

  •         Analysis of fish autopsies

  •         Catch and Release returning the fish unharmed

  •         Includes equipment hire and beginners handbook


2) Improvers

The Improvers tuition is aimed at the fly fisher who has a degree of confidence with the two basic casts, the roll and overhead cast.  A more varied range of casts will be introduced to improve upon accuracy and presentation, then more advanced fishing techniques are introduced.

The course structure will be customised to your requirements a typical structure is outlined below:


  •         Review of outfit and improving line & leader set up

  •         Single & Double hauling to improve distance

  •         Wiggle pickup, Belgian, Bow & Arrow, Roll Cast pickup cast

  •         Slack line casts, Parachute cast, Mends

  •         sinking lines

  •         Wading safely

  •         Introduction to fly tying

3) Boating Techniques

The boating course is designed to introduce the novice to the delights of boat fishing in a safe hands-on manner and will include operation of the motorboat.  At the end of the course the you will be able to have the confidence to take a boat out safely on the water and increase your range of fishing techniques and experiences.


  •         Watercraft health saftey

  •         Embarking and disembarking safely

  •         Boat handling and emergency procedures

  •         Drift Techniques handling of drogue

  •         Fishing the Anchor

  •         Fishing Rudder/locked oars

  •         Effective casting in Boat

  •         Reading the water

  •         Boat Etiquette

  •         Kayaking and Tubing (t.b.a.)

Extended 2, 3, 4 days are also offered, either individually or the three courses rolled into a long weekend or midweek break, together with guided fishing, will get you off to a fast track start to know your chosen water.

Customed to meet your specific requirements, these extended courses offer a more detailed insights into the skills of both fly casting and fly fishing. You'll have the opportunity to experience and enjoy a variety of stillwater locations all year round.

To obtain further details of our courses and gift voucher options, book online through our booking form or alternatively you can contact Fly Fishing Academy directly via email or telephone.

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